Pest Control Halesowen

As well as offering pest control in Birmingham, Ames Group Ltd also offer pest control services throughout Halesowen and the greater Birmingham area. If you have a problem with pests and have a home or business in Halesowen then contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

Pest Control Services: Halesowen

We offer a wide range of pest control services and cover most of the West Midlands, including Halesowen. Pests we control include:


Pest control in Halesowen: ratsRats are a huge problem in Birmingham and can be an incredibly dangerous pest. It was said that the ‘Black Death’ or bubonic plague was started, or at least spread by rats, so this is an indication of how dangerous they can be.

We have a range of methods to deal with rats. For domestic and commercial premises that are affected with a rat problem we highly recommend using our professional rodent control service. We have dedicated pest control technicians that can help with using rat repellent and deterrent products. Pest control products can be highly dangerous and although you can apply these yourself, for larger infestations it’s recommended to use a professional service. Strategically place rat traps can be placed around your home or premises, which will help you in the future as a preventative measure. Further advice can also be given to help prevent recurring rat problems.


Pest control Halesowen: WaspsWasps are an infamous pest that are prevalent from spring through to autumn but at their most active throughout the summer months. They can be a notorious pest and if you find a wasp nest in your home or garden it’s best to contact a professional right away rather than tackle the issue yourself. This is especially true if you have children, or if you have a commercial business which may be affected by a wasp nest.  Sometimes removing a wasp nest means working at heights and all of our pest technicians are skilled in all of the necessary health and safety regulations that may apply. If you have a wasp nest, call us right away and we’ll get a technician out to deal with it swiftly and effectively.


Pest control Halesowen: BirdsBirds are a huge issue for commercial businesses and can spread disease with their droppings. Here at AMES Group we provide a comprehensive bird control service aimed at protecting your business or those of your clients from pigeon roosting, guano and mess, seagulls and all other nuisance birds. We offer a first class service and eradicate bird problems from public sector buildings, shopping centres, schools, supermarkets, offices, monuments, historic buildings, motorway bridges and others.  If you have any issue with birds then please call us and we’ll be able to offer the best advice in dealing with your problem.


cockroachCockroaches are a horrendous pest and are able to fill us with disgust at the mere sight of them. We can control cockroaches by using methods such as baits, insecticidal dusts and sticky cockroach traps. If you wish to purchase your own cockroach treatment, poisons, killer, baits, cockroach traps and sprays then feel free to contact and we can advise the safest and most effective solutions available.


If you have pets then you know what a pest fleas can be. Fleas can be a big problem in the home, particularly where cats and dogs are present. We also encounter a number of cases where flea infestation is discovered when moving into a house where pets have previously lived. Common signs of a flea infestation are the experience of bites, often on the lower leg. Fleas are a major pest, so if you have any issues or concerns please call us so we can get our professional technicians out to you and deal with the problem swiftly and effectively.

Pest Control Halesowen

Ames Group Ltd cover a 100 mile radius of our head office in Birmingham and this includes the town of Halesowen. We have had a lot of happy customers in Halesowen over the years are are proud to offer an effective pest control service in the area. Halesowen is a close neighbour of ours situated only 7 miles away from Birmingham. Historically it’s part of Shropshire but was made a part of Worcestershire in 1844. It’s a lovely town and we are proud that our pest control service covers it’s residents and businesses. It’s got a rich history and in the Dooms Day book, written in 1086, it was quoted as being larger than Birmingham.  It’s had a lot of mentions in text books throughout history and was a large part of the industrial revolution.  No doubt there have been big issues with pests in Halesowen over the years and fortunately here in the 21st century was have effective means of keeping them under control.

Ames Group Ltd are based just down the road from Halesowen and we have a fleet of vehicles and are large team of pest technicians on hand to deal with any type of pests in Halesowen.

Why Choose Ames For Your Pest Control in Halesowen?

Ames Group Ltd are not the only pest control company in Halesowen, so why would you choose to use us? Well, firstly we offer the most competitive rates in the area. Secondly, we been controlling pests in Halesowen for nearly 30 years, so it’s safe to say we know what we’re talking about.

We were founded in 1990 and have blue chip and public sector clients throughout the UK, and are now considered the Midlands’s most successful and innovative Environmental services company.

The reason we are so successful is because we care passionately about our customers. We offer much more than just a pest control service and cover many environmental services such as legionella control and general hygiene.  If you are going to hire a pest control company then you want to ensure they are not only highly trained and efficient, but also conscientious about other factors such as hygiene and disease.  Ames Group cover the whole gambit so we are perfectly placed to not only deal with your pest problem in Halesown, but also offer the absolute best advice on how to prevent pest infestation in the future, and how to clean any droppings or other hazardous waste that may be a part of your initial pest problem.



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  1. Hi,
    Can I please have some general advice on dealing with flying ants. We have purchased Antstop Bait Station, but they appear to be still flying about, with lots of dead ones all over the floor! Will they eventually die? as I am not sure if the nest is under the Property wall (under drain). Any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you.

  2. Hi I have been trying to treat a flea problem in my home for a while, 2 cats and a dog who are treated without fail all the time , I’ve tried flea bombs, sprays, electric plug ins but cannot seem to get rid of them I clean thoroughly everyday but it doesn’t seem to help either. Whilst they dont seem to bite me they are biting my little girl a lot it’s causing great distress and worry, Ive seen them upstairs and down so I’m assuming they are everywhere. I really need them gone!!! Please could you contact me to give me some price’s and advice as I’m at my witts end and highly embarrassed! Kind regards miss jade talbot.

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