Pest control companies prepare for summer infestation of flies

Ticks Prefer ‘Type A’ Blood


Do you have blood type A? There is a good chance you do as its the second most common blood type here in the UK. IF you do you will need to be extra weary as new research from the a university in the Czech Republic has shown that ticks have a taste for blood type A!

All Hail The Squirrel King

No there is not a new ruler in the land of squirrels, A squirrel king similar to a rat king is when multiple squirrels tails become tangled. These poor little guys were found in Main, America. Luckily, they were saved and returned back to their mother.

Wasps or Bees?


A new survey has revealed something that most of you might have been able to guess already. The majority of people prefer bees to wasps. When they asked people to think of words that the would associate with bees, the words that came up were “pollination”, “flowers” and “honey”. When they did the same with wasps, the only words that came up were “dangerous”, “sting” and “annoying”.

This is maybe down to people not knowing that wasps also play a large roll in pollinating flowers and also killing pests. Scientists have suggested a “public relations campaign to restore the wasps’ battered image.”

In other news…

Ohh Rats!

A whole building had to be evacuated in Washington after a rat pulled the fire alarm! It is unknown whether this was part of a cheese related plan by the rat or just a prank.

Pest control companies prepare for summer infestation of flies

pest control birminghamPeople in New Zealand are being urged to brace themselves for a plague of flies this summer – and they’re being told there’s little that can be done to stop it.

Numbers of the flies are already high, thanks to the warmer than average winter, and according to those in the Taranaki’s pest control industry it’s likely to get worse.

“The country was in a neutral state currently with with regards to El Nino or La Nina but models suggested there was a 50 per cent chance of El Nino developing this year, meaning a warm summer.” said MetService meteorologist Make Bowe.

Primark rat fears: Belfast City Council steps up pest control

rats birminghamBelfast City Council has stepped up pest control in the city amid fears that food shops left vacant by the Primark fire will attract rats, BBC News claims.

Nearby stores full of food – including Tesco and McDonald’s – were abandoned following the fire two weeks ago.

There are concerns that rotting food will cause environmental problems.

The Primark fire at Bank Buildings has led to 14 businesses being out of action since August 28, including Argento, Zara and a Spar.

The council says it has “enhanced city centre street cleansing resources” in the surrounding areas.

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