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Share:   Show me a person that likes wasps and I’ll show you Satan. Put them side-by-side and tell me the difference.  Think of someone who likes wasps… Struggling? That’s because it’s impossible. No one likes wasps, literally not one single person. Not even your worst enemy, in fact, if anything, this is the one thing you … Continue reading “8 Guaranteed Ways to Dispose of Wasps – An Essential Walkthrough”

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Share:   As a pest control service provider in Birmingham, we see a lot of things that would make most people queasy. Imagine this… You’ve just woken up, something smells musty and sweet. When you open your eyes your bed has a trail of malted insect shells, rust coloured stains and tiny smears of excrement.. Bed bugs … Continue reading “Bed Bugs – What They Are and How to Dispose of Them”

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Share:   DID YOU KNOW: Ryan Gosling loves wasps As a pest control company in Birmingham we are strongly aware that wasps are typically regarded as one of the worst living concepts ever. Infesting our gardens, spoiling our BBQs, bathing in our sugary beverages like promiscuous bankers on a Friday. These are just a few of the many problems these … Continue reading “Wasps, Wasp Nests and Wasp Removal – The Definitive Guide”

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Share:   How To Get Rid of Pigeons – A Bird’s Eye Perspective On Pigeon Control In today’s society, we are currently facing a multitude of distressing problems. The ongoing verbal boxing match between Hillary and Trump, North Korea’s occasional world domination jabs, Britain’s voluntary expulsion from the EU, and obviously Brad and Angelina recently splitting up. … Continue reading “How To Get Rid of Pigeons – Solutions to Common Problems”

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Share:   As the report from the ‘Evening Express’ told its readers, The City Council in Aberdeen has been trialling ‘Bird Free’ gel on the ‘map totems’ in their city centre.  Having coped with a serious seagull problem for many years, the city is no stranger to clean up operations and soiled public buildings and fouled statues. … Continue reading “‘Bird Free’ Gel Keeps Seagulls Off City Property In Aberdeen”

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