Local Nappy Recycling Facility Set To Open In Birmingham

Construction is due to begin any day now on a new nappy, baby wipes, sanitary ware and incontinence pads recycling facility in Tyseley, Birmingham. We understand the facility should be operational by the end of the year, with more sites possibly planned across the UK. As part of our policy is to keep abreast of all innovative environmental solutions, AMES will be keeping a close eye on developments and assessing how this facility can assist our commercial clients in their ability to increase their contributions to creating a better, cleaner environment.

Some Points Regarding Landfill And Nappies

  • Latest research has suggested there is only 7 – 8 years of landfill space left
  • There is increasing need for creating ‘Green Energy’ to safeguard our future.
  • The nappies recycling facility will create energy so it can power itself
  • 8% Of municipal waste is made up of nappies
  • Plastic roof tiles and other plastic products can be made from plastic components of nappies
  • Burning methane can create energy
  • Full landfill sites are closing at a rate of around one per week
  • A small-medium sized children’s nursery will change 600 nappies per week

Nappy Collection For Domestic Households?

It has been proposed that the facility may eventually be used in conjunction with council refuge collections. How such a scheme will pan out and what timescales would be realistic to roll out such a scheme is still open for discussion. We will keep our news pages updated as things develop.