Legionnaires Disease – You Can Pay a Very High Price

Legionnaires Disease – You Can Pay a Very High Price

legionnaires news storyFaltec Ltd has been fined £1.18 million for two legionella outbreaks and a machine explosion after failing to comply with their Health and Safety obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Initially the company was given a fine of £1.6 million, it was reduced slightly on their appeal against the sentence (Faltec Europe Ltd v HSE [2019] EWCA Crim 520).

Faltec pleaded guilty to three counts relating to a legionella infection in their employees, a legionella infection in the general public, and an exploding flocking machine that caused facial and other burns to an employee.

For the full story, please head over to Eden Legal Services.

‘Rats as Big as Cats’ Complaints Prompts Pest Control Action in Braunstone Gate

big rats newsRats “as big as cats” are fighting and frolicking in a Tesco store car park, prompting pest control officers to take steps to get the rodents eradicated.

An infestation of rats around the city’s Braunstone Gate has led to Leicester City Council issuing a legal order calling for the owner of an unoccupied home to take steps to get rid of the pests.

The terraced property, 73 Braunstone Gate, has been identified as the source of the infestation.

The property backs onto the car park of the Tesco store, in Narborough Road, and there is evidence of rats digging under the fence that separates the two. There are also rat holes in rubbish-strewn areas of undergrowth.

Head over to the Leicester Mercury for more information.

Taiwan Doctor Finds Four Sweat Bees Living Inside Woman’s Eye

sweat beesA Taiwanese woman was found by doctors to have four small sweat bees living inside her eye, the first such incident on the island.

The 28-year-old woman, identified only as Ms He, was pulling out weeds when the insects flew into her eyes.

Dr Hong Chi Ting of the Fooyin University Hospital told the BBC he was “shocked” when he pulled the 4mm insects out by their legs.

Ms He has now been discharged and is expected to make a full recovery.

Sweat bees, also known as Halictidae, are attracted to sweat and sometimes land on people to imbibe perspiration. They also drink tears for their high protein content, according to a study by the Kansas Entomological Society.

The BBC reports the full story.

UK Government Website Sends People Seeking Advice on Bees to Escort Service

help escorting beesThe Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has inadvertently been sending members of the public looking for advice on encouraging pollinators to a website advertising escort services.

The Bees’ Needs campaign, launched in 2014 by the then environment minister Lord de Mauley, called on the public to do more to help insect pollinators by growing more nectar-rich flowers, leaving patches of land to grow wild and cutting grass less often.

However, the site now displays a list of hundreds of British neighbourhoods, all of which link to a site offering “independent escorts”.

If you want to know more about this, The Guardian reports the full story.



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