Legionella Risk Assessments For Hotels

Hotels are home to large and often high risk water systems, with aerosols being created at every shower, high amounts of stored water and long pipework runs.

We have vast experience of working with some of the country’s largest hotel chains to provide thorough risk assessment of their systems and excellent ongoing provisions for the control, prevention and monitoring of Legionella, as well as ensuring all legal obligations are achieved.

Even if building users are not killed by a Legionella outbreak, the adverse effects of an outbreak can be catastrophic, as was recently seen at the 5-Star Aria Hotel Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas strip – an isolated outbreak led to world-wide publicity, including media coverage, dedicated Facebook pages and adverse TripAdvisor reviews. Click this link for further information on Legionella and a case of how it has affected the hotel industry.

If you manage facilities at a hotel group or independent hotel and wish to gain more information on protecting your business premises, employees and guests from potential problems please contact us on 0800 197 1650 or email info@altek-midlands.co.uk



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