Legionella At IBM Warwick Staff Sent Home

IBM’s premises in Warwick has seen its workforce disrupted and sent home as traces of the Legionella bacterium has been discovered at their Opus 40 site. The procedure began on Fridat 3rd June 2011 after tests were carried out. The disruption to the IBM office is likely to last throughout this week as results of these further Legionella tests are awaited.

So far no one has been reported as ill after the bacteria was found in water. Warwick District Council have stated that staff will not be returning to work until the water system has been fully decontaminated. Prior to a return to normal working practices, Legionella tests will be carried out by a council team.

IBM have stated that client services remain unaffected, despite the reduced staffing levels. In this instance it is the sites landlord and managing agents who are taking the remedial action.

This case has highlighted the importance of regular advice, training and outsourced expertise in ensuring all preventative measures are taken to prevent Legionella bacterium becoming an issue in water systems. The Legionella bacterium can lead to Legionnaires’ disease. For more information on AMES Legionella control services, consultancy services and risk assessments follow this link for our legionella control specialist website.