Invasion of the ‘frankenbees’: the danger of building a better bee

Storm petrels breed on remote Scottish island for first time after rats are eradicated

pest control news novemberA threatened seabird is breeding on a remote Hebridean island following a four year programme to rid the area of rats.

The European storm petrel has never nested on the Shiant Isles, but since the eradication of rodents conservationists have found the first signs of chicks.

The islands are an important seabird habitat but the numbers of species of birds like puffins, razorbills and guillemots was declining because rats were feeding on their eggs.

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Rat infestation in Thanington sparks urgent pest control response from Canterbury City Council

pest control news novemberA colony of rats are “reigning supreme” on a housing estate as they infest sofas, bathrooms and children’s bedrooms.

Fed-up council tenants, who fear diseases carried by the rodents are putting their health at risk, say the invasion of vermin in Thanington has reached an unprecedented level.

Their calls for Canterbury City Council to take action initially fell on deaf ears, with the authority telling them they had to tackle the issue themselves.

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Nearly 50 New Bee Species Discovered in Utah National Monument Trump Shrunk

pest control news novemberIf you’re looking for bees, head to the desert. There, you’ll find blue bees, tiny bees no larger than 2 millimeters, and bees clever enough to lay food-stealing killer larvae in other bee nests.

Southern Utah, in particular, is a bee hotspot: A whopping 660 species sit within the state’s Grand Staircase-Escalante, a national monument President Donald Trump shrunk last year, according to a new study out Wednesday. That’s nearly as many species as are found east of the Mississippi River, a region over 300 times the size.

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Invasion of the ‘frankenbees’: the danger of building a better bee

pest control news novemberThe spring of 2008 was brutal for Europe’s honeybees. In late April and early May, during the corn-planting season, dismayed beekeepers in Germany’s upper Rhine valley looked on as whole colonies perished. Millions of bees died. France, the Netherlands and Italy reported big losses, but in Germany the incident took on the urgency of a national crisis.

“It was a disaster,” recalled Walter Haefeker, German president of the European Professional Beekeepers Association. “The government had to set up containers along the autobahn where beekeepers could dump their hives.”

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Council prosecuted over Legionella case

pest control news novemberTendring District Council has confirmed it is being prosecuted for failing to manage the risk of Legionella at its leisure centre sites.

An investigation was launched by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after a customer contacted Legionnaire’s Disease after visiting a Walton-on-the-Naze Lifestyles leisure centre in 2016.

Ian Davidson, the council’s chief executive, said: ‘It would be inappropriate for me to comment further about this specific incident and the charge ahead of the court case. However, I would once again like to reiterate our apologies to the individual concerned.

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