Innovations in Legionella Monitoring Help To Protect Multiple Sites

Innovations in Legionella Monitoring Help To Protect Multiple Sites

Innovative legionella intelligence monitoring can help keep your staff and visitors safe under legislative compliance and ACOP L8.  Legionella Black Box monitoring works in accordance with HSE legislation, exceeding your compliance.

The Black box intelligence monitoring system reduces labour costs whilst giving real time information and audit trails and detailed records to prove compliance.  Technicians begin by carrying out a diagnostic  of your building to establish risk areas.  Advanced flushing, monitoring and communication equipment is then installed to report back on all risk areas.  Feedback can be generated every hour if required.

Water flushing and temperature monitoring is carried out in order to reduce risk of stagnation and the associated risk of legionella.  The system continuously monitors water flow and temperature. Alerts are monitored daily and all information is accessible 24 hours a day.  This system demonstrates your proactive approach to protecting public health and reducing the risk of legionella outbreaks.

Further benefits

Multiple sites can benefit through reduced costs as personnel do not have to drive between sites collecting data and sample information.  This clearly has an additional positive impact on your environmental policy.  The need for manual monthly water temperature checking and need for manual flushing is removed.

The Technology Brings You….

Through incorporating the latest in wireless remote technology and sophisticated sensors, the black box system enables you:

  • Continuous real-time monitoring of all risk areas
  • An unsurpassed insight into your water system
  • Email alerts for non-compliance
  • Reports are generated and stored automatically each month
  • Provides full audit trail
  • Multiple site monitoring for you at one location

Targeted remote flushing of critical points in water  system, in areas identified as having infrequent flushes  or as being at risk of non-compliance

Programs have been developed which require no initial capital outlay.  For more information on the peace of mind remote legionella monitoring can bring, contact us on 0800 197 1650 or email



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