Illness Linked To Legionnaires Disease Shown To Have Originated From Famous Mansion

Despite statements to the contrary made by representatives of Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner, an outbreak of illness, believed to be linked to a strain of Legionnaires’ disease, has been reported to have originated at the Playboy mansion.

Following a conference held at the mansion earlier this year, it was alleged that the illness had been shown to have originated from the venue.  Health officials have been investigating the outbreak of illness.

Symptoms were reported as including fever and violent headaches. As a ‘fog machine’ was used at the party, a person who attended the party was quoted as believing that as they were “engulfed in mist” throughout the party, this had made them suspect that they had contracted the disease at the event, particularly as “the disease lives in water”.

However a spokesman for Playboy had originally countered, telling the New York Post “There is no truth in the rumour that anyone caught anything at the Playboy mansion. Nor is there any evidence”.

The event, held for those working in the internet domain name industry had been attended by around 700 people from around the world.






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