How Likely Is A Large Wasp Population This Year What Is Happening With Other Seasonal Pests

waspThe season is upon us for 2013 and I am predicting a very active one from the early call rates we are getting in on our phone lines. We have bees, wasps and ants enquiries.

However, as far as ants’ activity is concerned we are getting lower activity. This is mainly due to the lack of warmer weather in March and April. As it was one of the coldest periods in April and May that we have had to date.

As we have been experiencing a warmer period in July, going into August, this is where things are starting to turn.

As far as wasps are concerned, the workers or drones will continue to work on the nest until the Queen will lay more eggs for future queens. Wasps are also carnivorous and the workers will continue to feed the young (the lavae) inside the nest and the eggs are placed in the honeycomb.

What does the summer hold for us this year as far as wasps are concerned?

Wasps are going to be very active this year due to the recent high temperatures and weather. This brings food for them. Some of them will feed off berries and fruit. In August, September and possibly October they feed off fermenting fruit on the ground.

The workers have done their work at this stage and are just waiting for the new queens to hatch out and to re-hibernate. They can become very aggressive at this stage.

You may have seen a scene in the film ‘A Bugs Life’ where the wasp is acting very drunk – this is where the fermenting fruit comes in!

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