Hive of Activity Making a Buzz in Family Loft Turns Out to be 22,000 Bee Colony

Hive of Activity Making a Buzz in Family Loft Turns Out to be 22,000 Bee Colony

bee news aprilA family’s ten year battle with a 22,000-strong colony of bees is finally over after a pest controller removed them with a vacuum device.

The colony of bees, one of the largest Delta Pest Control in Coventry had ever seen, is now being moved to an apiary in the North of England to make honey for consumption.

The family had almost given up on removing the insects, which had colonised their guest bedroom, and had boarded up the room in which they had made their nest.

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Nature Notes

ladybird news aprilLadybirds have been appearing over the past few weeks, crawling out of their hiding places in hollow plant stems, curled leaves, cracks under windowsills and other sheltered niches.

The most frequently seen species is the seven-spot ladybird. Individuals appear on warm walls and in clusters on plants, moving dozily, as if they have just woken up. After their lengthy hibernation they must feed up before they can mate and — in the case of females — lay eggs. The principal food of the seven-spot, in common with most Irish ladybirds, is aphids.

If aphids are scarce, as sometimes happens in early spring, it will eat other foods, including pollen and nectar. However, egg production will be reduced or prevented.

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The Amazing, Life-Saving Talents of the Gambian Giant Pouched Rat

pest control news aprilThese cat-sized rats are trained to find buried explosives, detect tuberculosis, and tackle wildlife trafficking.

Rats get a bad rap. Many people are creeped out and made squeamish by the creatures. But to be fair, the rat’s association with the population-decimating Black Death hasn’t done much to improve their reputation. Maybe there’s some survival instinct going on there – I madly adore all creatures great and small, but when I see an urban rat in the wild, I can not contain an internal shudder so strong it threatens to detach my organs.

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14-Point Plan for Reducing the Risk of Legionella

legionella aprilWith the Easter holidays approaching, many people will be thinking of getting away for a few days. However, European statistics indicate that more than 1000 travellers contract the disease each year and according to the official statistics published by Public Health England, travel associated Legionnaires’ disease accounted for approximately 43% of all confirmed cases reported in England and Wales over the three year period from 2014 to 2016.

This level is typical of what can be observed year on year and is a matter that has not gone unnoticed by the authorities.

Hotel Owner reports the full story.




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