Historic Building Bird Control Case Study, Birmingham, West Midlands

historic buildings no problemOur client Holly French was kind enough to report back to us with the following feedback on her experience of having AMES on site to carry out bird proofing work.

“Ames are onsite here at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and have been onsite over 3 or 4 years now. We are on stage 6 of roof works here now which has also involved the facades of the building all being cleaned and repaired and then the bird proofing work has been carried out.  So on phase one, we did Great Charles Street and Margaret Street. They’ve bird proofed all the windows with the netting and we’ve also got post and wires and the anti-roosting spikes on window sills and canopies etc.

We are now in the process of completing Edmund Street and Congreve Passage.  Again that’s where we are using bird netting and post and wire.  It’s helping us with maintenance costs over the long-term.  Where the pigeons can get in, with it being an old building, they can get into nooks and crannies and crevices and obviously the pigeon faeces builds up. So we’ve removed all that and netted all preventing that from happening

Very discreet

(The bird proofing) is very discreet, all the bird netting and the bird wire posts are barely noticeable.  For the staff it doesn’t block their view out their windows and they haven’t even noticed it to be honest. It makes it a nicer environment for them to pass past the building. There are also internal courtyards here which they have to walk through and we’ve netted these at high levels so again they’re a much nicer place to walk through, much better.

The lads that have been sent here, they’ve been mainly the same ones which is great for us. They know the site and they know how we work here, so we’ve had good continuity.  They’re brilliant, health and safety-wise they’re great, we’ve had no trouble with any of them actually, brilliant.

The Quality of the work has been great.  I just had a couple of issues that are actually not AMES fault.  As we’ve been stripping the scaffold some of the post and wire have perhaps been knocked but AMES have been great, a simple telephone call and they’ve been straight back here and put them back on for us.

No problems with birds

Since AMES have been here and put up all the netting we’ve had no problems with birds. They’ve even put zips in in places out on the front elevations where we’ve got window boxes which are to be planted obviously by the council but the zips are great, they hold up you know and we haven’t had any trouble with the birds getting through.”

When AMES first came on site we did a walk round the outside of the building and looked at the building from the ground and then looked at all the windows.  As the scaffold went up they came back and we’ve walked every lift on the scaffold.  The windows here are not an average size, they are odd shapes. But they’ve been great, they’ve just done everything measured to fit and we’ve had no trouble.

While on site here AMES have installed bird netting, anti-roosting spikes and post and wire.

We’ve enjoyed working with AMES here.  They’ve been a great company to have on site. The management are easy to deal with, the lads onsite again are great to deal with, we don’t have any trouble with them. They’re a reliable company, cost-effective and we’d be happy to use them again.


We feel working with AMES saved our client money in the long-term due to the bird proofing methods used preventing corrosion to the stone work or the drainage getting blocked.  We also saved on the long-term maintenance of removing the bird droppings.”




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