Growing Pressure For Graffiti Removal At Historical Landmark Childrens Attraction

Kelburn Castle in Ayrshire has had coverage today sparking debate whether graffiti should be removed from the castle. The turret and walls are decorated with graffiti artwork. Some have dubbed it one of the ten most important street art examples in the country, with the resident Earl of Glasgow wishing to keep the artwork on the castle. With its enchanted wood walk and adventure playground the castle has become a big draw for families as a leisure attraction.

Growing pressure is now being placed on the local authorities in Ayrshire to have the graffiti removed but the Earl is standing resolute. The graffiti depicts fairy tale images and children’s characters. With funding being put into projects closer to home in Birmingham, West Midlands by local authorities to encourage a graffiti art project at Hutton Hall community centre, the question of when is graffiti art and when should it be removed appears to have reappeared.