GraffitiWash Innovative Graffiti Removal Product Set For European Roll Out

AMES innovative GraffitiWash product has been so well received by Public Sector and Blue Chip Clients in and around the Midlands Region of the UK, that its availability is now being stepped up, with it being available to order across both the UK and the European Union Countries. The product has been remarked upon by clients for the speed and ease of use with which it can be applied, with the graffiti appearing to ‘disappear’ without a trace. The product will be available to order initially via AMES Freephone order line, with products and instructions sent straight out to clients.

There is of course still a large number of clients who will need to call on AMES specialist cleaning technicians to carry out graffiti cleaning. This is particularly the case where graffiti has been applied to sensitive brickwork, masonry or listed buildings, sites where clients require advice on how to prevent grafitti from being applied in the future and graffiti which has been applied to difficult to reach locations such as bridges, high level areas etc where health and safety implications require the use of AMES specialist technicians. Other specialist work such as the removal and prevention of graffiti from utility cabinets, sub-stations and other equipment housing will still require a site visit from AMES environmental services personnel.

Amazing Response…

AMES Managing Director Alan Read recently said “The response from clients the first time they see the speed and effectiveness of the product has been one of amazement. It was this response that encouraged me to roll availability of the product out across the rest of the UK and Europe. Those people who already have the necessary equipment to use GraffitiWash will be able to follow simple to use instructions to get the same outstanding result. We are expecting this to form an additional market, as our grafitti prevention service is now well established, with clients having our technicians visit them to apply preventative coatings. That side of the business is growing from strength to strength and demand shows no sign of abating. Recently, the feedback we have had from clients such as a global utilities company has been excellent. Particularly in the current economic climate, prevention is definitely better than having to arrange continuous cures”.

More Information And Advice on Graffiti Removal And Prevention

For more information on AMES innovative graffiti removal and prevention products available throughout the UK and Europe, including Graffiti Wash, please visit the relevant pages on or call 0800 197 1650 for more information.