Effective Bird Trapping Methods

What is Bird Trapping?

Bird control by trapping is a term used to describe a variation of techniques that are used to lure and capture wild birds in a range of locations. Most professional pest control agencies use humane bird trapping techniques to adhere to specific laws and regulations.

Types of Bird Trapping

bird trappingThere are several bird trapping techniques, each of which have their own specific techniques used to control bird populations. Our team specialises in several bird control methods, from bird trapping to bird spikes. We’ve detailed our services below:

Bird Nets

Bird nets are predominantly used to keep birds out and away from a premises. Bird nets are popularly used in commercial properties such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Outdoor cafes
  • Bars
  • Hospitals

However, they aren’t used to trap birds, just repel them. If birds do end up trapped in netting (which is very rare) you will need to contact your pest control professional.

Bird Spikes

Again, bird spikes are one of the most popular bird deterrent methods but they don’t capture birds in the same way a cage would. Bird spikes are used as a repellent as opposed to a capture system  and ensure that birds have nowhere to perch or nest, resulting in them relocating.

Bird Trapping Cage

There are a variety of bird trapping cages on the market, many of which are designed to trap certain bird species. Pigeon traps are among the most popular bird trapping cages because pigeons are the most common bird species in the UK and they regularly dominate urban areas.

The majority of pigeon cages follow the same design: a one-way door structure, where the pigeon is lured in using bait and with the door slamming shut after its entrance. We only use humane bird trapping techniques at AMES, as this is more discrete and provides a healthier and safer bird removal option.

Most professional pest control companies will only use humane bird trapping techniques due to the laws and regulations protecting the safety and welfare of birds.

Does Bird Trapping Work?

Bird trapping is one of the most effective ways for trapping and relocating birds and has been used by pest control agencies for decades. Bird trapping methods have not evolved that much over the years because they adopt simple capture techniques that have not had to be altered aside making some devices more humane.

Bird trapping is effective with most birds, and the size of the cage will vary depending on the type of bird. However, while bird trapping with cages is usually successful, pigeons are the bird species that create the most problems.

Bird Trapping for Pigeons

This is mainly because pigeons have a built-in homing system that means they are easily able to find their way back to their nests even after relocating them miles from the premises. Usual trapping would not see much success with pigeons, which is why we adopt a different bird trapping approach for pigeons.

AMES carefully identifies and removes dominant pigeons from trapping sites in stages. This creates a disorientation effect within the pigeon community and forces the other pigeons to either flee the premises or follow the dominant pigeon to the next nesting ground.

This is the most trialled and tested technique for pigeon removal and we have seen successful results using this method.

Alternative Bird Trapping Methods

While bird trapping is a successful bird control method, you may find that alternative bird control methods may be more suited to your situation. Aside from bird spikes, netting, and caging, we also offer egg and nest removal.

This technique looks at removing eggs and nests to help prevent adult birds from returning to their nests. Removing eggs and nests promotes fear in adult birds, resulting in them relocating due to the threat to their young. This will also reduce flock numbers in the targeted areas, meaning less birds will want to nest due to the low population.

Sometimes, egg and nest removal can be slow due to the nature of the removal process. If we believe the removal is taking too long, we will employ hawks to drive the nesting birds away from the site. Once a bird witnesses a hawk on their territory, it’s unlikely they will return to the area due the risk the hawk presents to their young.

Call Today for Humane Bird Trapping

Bird protection is high on our priorities when it comes to pest control. Our humane bird trapping methods not only means no harm comes to the trapped birds, but public reaction is minimised. Illegal bird trapping is not only harmful for the birds but it can also but the public at risk.

We encourage all customers experiencing bird problems to always search for humane bird control methods. For more information on how we can help, please get in touch using our contact form or call us on the number at the top of this page.



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