Effective Bird Control

Effective Bird Control For Businesses

AMES Bird Control have a full range of bird control solutions, with approaches to suit practically any kind of building and location:

  • Bird Netting is great for keeping birds out of large areas and preventing perching.
  • Bird Spikes offer a flexible and comprehensive solution that works well for most buildings.
  • Post And Wire solutions offer a discrete form of protection that can protect ledges almost invisibly.[/li_item]
  • Avi-Shock products offer a low-profile but effective option, humane and efficient.
  • Harris Hawks are used to keep a perching population away and is useful where it is undesirable to mount deterrents on premises.
  • Trapping is a useful, simple approach to remove persistent birds.

Please see our video for an example of work carried out at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and at a West Midlands shopping centre.

We have a great deal of experience of bird control work at commercial units, retail premises, hospitals and council buildings across the UK and Ireland.

bird control services for offices

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