City Centre Council Requires Graffiti Removal Following Protests, Whilst Birmingham Council Gets More Creative With Graffiti.

The recent anti-cuts protests by activists targeting central London has made a clean up operation necessary to remove graffiti and debris from the streets and popular tourist attractions. Amongst well-known attractions, graffiti has had to be removed from the base of Nelson’s column and the Trafalgar Square Lions. The Square was occupied by 200 – 300 protestors throughout Saturday evening.

This follows council spending in the region of £50,000 in December, which was necessary to clear-up damage in the Parliament Square area following the vote to raise tuition fees.

In a separate incident, on 26th March Department stores such as Fortnum and Mason and financial institutions were also targeted, in many cases due to their connection with affluent clients. The Olympic countdown clock was also daubed with paint and graffiti and paint removal will also be required from a range of building facades.

Closer to home, here in Birmingham one project has been launched where for once AMES graffiti removal contractors will not be welcome. This is because MAC Birmingham together with Comm:pact have launched a graffiti project which is being funded by Birmingham City Council’s Arts champions scheme. Residents of Washwood Heath, Hodge Hill are transforming the Hutton Hall building into a community centre with, amongst other things, graffiti art.

The walls will be decorated following workshops held by lead artist, Dan Newso. The project aims to help local people make change through self-expression. A blog, together with regular Facebook and Twitter feeds will enable people to keep up to speed on the project.

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