Changeable Weather Can Mean Changeable Pest Behaviour

Home or business owners may have found the changeable weather has meant that pest behaviour (such as rodents) and their appearances indoors can have been fluctuating and changing as much as this spring weather.

The mini heat wave of a few weeks ago seems a distant memory as March and April has brought plummeting temperatures and then heavy and sustained temperatures.

People who thought they had a problem with mice or rats may have seen them indoors less initially, but then they may have found the problem has returned indoors as the temperatures have dropped.

The prolonged use of central heating can also mean conditions are ideal for pest species that originate from warmer climates, such as the harlequin ladybird.

If you have seen rodent droppings indoors recently you may have an infestation problem. For more information and help with getting rid of pests please contact AMES on 0800 197 1650 or email us here.