Cell block at Derry’s main police station closed because of discovery of potentially deadly bacteria

Rats the size of CATS are plaguing a housing commission estate as authorities tell residents they need to clean up

mice smellsIt has a reputation for cool cafes and quirky bars but one hipster haven is at serious risk of losing is stylish status due to an influx of rodents.

For months, dozens of rats – some described as being as big as cats – have terrorised residents of the Johanna O’Dea Court housing estate at Camperdown, in Sydney’s inner West.

The infestation is so advanced that vermin which had died within the units’ walls remained there rotting, and forced tenants to share their homes with the filthy pests

For the full story, head over to the Daily Mail.

Pigeon tweets his bird to a Valentine’s dinner for two at Twycross

pest control news februaryPidge the Victoria crowned pigeon did not go ‘cheap’ on the Valentine’s dinner date for his bird this year, going all out on a bespoke dining experience including flowers, candles and – most importantly – mealworms.

Pidge and his partner ‘Victoria’, residents at Twycross Zoo, munched through their insect dinners at the best table in the house.

You can watch the video over at Derbyshire Live.

Witham pigeon poo is putting residents ‘at risk of disease’

pest control news februaryWitham councillors have been told that faeces from hundreds of pigeons roosting in the town centre is causing damage to buildings and could cause disease.

The stark warning came from a Mr Oliver during a town council environment meeting where he said some areas of the town are missed out during cleaning operations.

He said: “People are at risk from disease and this problem needs to be addressed and rectified.”

For the full story, you can read more here.

Legionella bacteria: Cell block at Derry’s main police station closed because of discovery of potentially deadly bacteria

pest control news february The PSNI in Derry has admitted that the detention block at Strand Road police station has been closed since October last year after the detection of a strain of Legionella.

Police have also stated that they are unaware whether anyone has been affected by the outbreak.

Derry Now reports the whole story over on their website.



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