The Intriguing Life of the British Grey Squirrel

Share:   Fluffy, cute and discretely annoying. On the surface, grey squirrels may appear to have all the characteristics of something cute and fluffy, but while these critters may look nice, their attitude and nature evokes a more sinister side altogether. That’s why at Ames Group we offer a squirrel control service to keep these cute, but … Continue reading “The Intriguing Life of the British Grey Squirrel”

Top 5 Facts About Ladybirds

Share:   There are more than 5,000 species of ladybirds, 100 of which are based in Europe. The most common ladybirds are the two-spot ladybird and the larger seven-spot ladybird. Ladybirds come in all kinds of different colours; reds, yellows, orange, grey, black, brown and even pink. These beautiful beetles that are often favourited by children playing … Continue reading “Top 5 Facts About Ladybirds”

5 Ways to Defeat Cockroaches

Share:   Fires can’t kill them, drowning won’t, many pesticides have no effect and it’s even been recorded that cockroaches can survive nuclear and atomic bombs. You may be thinking, ‘then how will my products under the sink be able to destroy them if a nuclear bomb can’t?’ Good question. Getting rid of these pests can be … Continue reading “5 Ways to Defeat Cockroaches”

Fleas, Flea Bites and Treatments

Share:   Introducing The Flea Fleas are horrible little cretins. Whilst not generally dangerous to humans, fleas do present serious problems elsewhere. Fleas are the number one cause of skin disease in pets and can cause problems ranging from simple itchiness to weeping sores, scaly skin and an unpleasant smell. You will find that some dogs are actually … Continue reading “Fleas, Flea Bites and Treatments”