Hot summer leads to a huge rise in pest control calls in Aberdeen

Share:   Bees are underfire from wasps OUR bees are under attack by their most fearsome enemies. The wasps. They are ferocious enemies to the hives and only rivaled in their deadly attack on a bee hive by hornets. This summer we have had a hornet nest in our loft. A fearsome, almost alien construction, I came … Continue reading “Hot summer leads to a huge rise in pest control calls in Aberdeen”

The Definitive List of UK Spiders

Despite Australia hosting the most venomous and dangerous spiders in the world, the UK spider scene isn’t as harmless as you might like to think… The definitive list of UK spiders is guaranteed to make you think twice when emptying out your old sheds and garages. It’s important to understand what types of spider you can run into during your every day life!

Pest Control Halesowen

Share:   As well as offering pest control in Birmingham, Ames Group Ltd also offer pest control services throughout Halesowen and the greater Birmingham area. If you have a problem with pests and have a home or business in Halesowen then contact us today for a free, no obligation quote. Pest Control Services: Halesowen We offer a wide … Continue reading “Pest Control Halesowen”