Fleas, Flea Bites and Treatments

Share:   Introducing The Flea Although we are a pest control provider based in Birmingham, and offer a specialised flea control service, we think it’s our duty to inform the rest of the UK about the dangers of pests. So with that in mind I hope you enjoy this article about fleas! Whilst not generally dangerous to … Continue reading “Fleas, Flea Bites and Treatments”

How To Get Rid of Pigeons – Solutions to Common Problems

Share:   How To Get Rid of Pigeons – A Bird’s Eye Perspective On Pigeon Control In today’s society, we are currently facing a multitude of distressing problems. The ongoing verbal boxing match between Hillary and Trump, North Korea’s occasional world domination jabs, Britain’s voluntary expulsion from the EU, and obviously Brad and Angelina recently splitting up. … Continue reading “How To Get Rid of Pigeons – Solutions to Common Problems”