How to Spot Bed Bug Bites: Symptoms and Signs

Share:   Signs and Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites Checking for these critters can be a tiresome and stressful job, especially if you don’t know how to identify bedbugs. But, why are bedbugs so hard to find? Well, they’re smart enough to hide from us during the day, but they’re not intelligent enough to clean up their evidence … Continue reading “How to Spot Bed Bug Bites: Symptoms and Signs”

How to Get Rid of Mice Smells

Share:   If you have just evicted a mouse from your home, your work has only just begun. Now comes the task of cleaning up the remaining mess. In their absence, mice can leave lingering germs in their urine and faeces, including life-threatening illnesses such as hantavirus, leptospirosis and salmonellosis to name just a few. Male mice … Continue reading “How to Get Rid of Mice Smells”

Pest Control Smethwick

Share:   If you have a problem with pests and you are a resident or run a commercial business in Smethwick, then Ames Group are the pest control company you should call first. Why? Because Ames Group Ltd have a rich history of dealing with pests in Smethwick. We have our head office in Birmingham, so you … Continue reading “Pest Control Smethwick”

Pest Control in Walsall

Share:   Pest Control in Walsall AMES Group are a pest control company based in Birmingham and we are proud to cover the area of Walsall. We are passionate about serving the pest needs of the communities within a 100 mile radius of Birmingham. We control all types of pests including: Rats Mice Wasps and Bees nests Ants … Continue reading “Pest Control in Walsall”

Pest Control in Redditch

Share:   Professional Pest Control in Redditch  At Ames, we are passionate about ridding you of your pests. We are a pest control company in Birmingham and have been trading for almost 30 years and are proud to cover the Redditch area. Whether at home or at work, we provide professional pest control services to ensure that … Continue reading “Pest Control in Redditch”

Pest Control in Coventry

Share:   Pest Control in Coventry Here at Ames Group Ltd we offer pest control services throughout Birmingham and are proud to cover the residents and businesses of Coventry. This city has been home to many kinds of pests over the years and we know that this can cause real problems with hygiene, safety and much more. … Continue reading “Pest Control in Coventry”