Squawking Seagulls and What to Do

Share:   Squawking Seagulls and What to Do Ah, seagulls. Probably one of the most hated birds on the British coastline. Their familiar and particularly jarring shrills can be heard throughout coastal areas of Britain and have been waking residents at the break of dawn for generations. Remember those pictures of you with your family at the … Continue reading “Squawking Seagulls and What to Do”

The World’s Deadliest Insects

Share:   The World’s Deadliest Insects There are some pretty deadly insects roaming around the globe. Although they help to keep our ecosystem wonderfully balanced, they are definitely worth avoiding! We have listed our top five deadly insects, as there were simply too many to choose from and we didn’t want to leave you terrified with a … Continue reading “The World’s Deadliest Insects”

Top 5 Facts About Ladybirds

Share:   There are more than 5,000 species of ladybirds, 100 of which are based in Europe. The most common ladybirds are the two-spot ladybird and the larger seven-spot ladybird. Ladybirds come in all kinds of different colours; reds, yellows, orange, grey, black, brown and even pink. These beautiful beetles that are often favourited by children playing … Continue reading “Top 5 Facts About Ladybirds”

The Four Pests of Hangzhou

Share:   Hangzhou proudly hosted China’s first G20 Summit and boy, did they do a good job. Due to the G20 attracting world leaders such as Barack Obama, Xi Jinping and Theresa May, China’s image-obsessed leaders ordered a multi-billion pound makeover of the city. Including planting trees, shutting down factories and building motorways and homes for ease … Continue reading “The Four Pests of Hangzhou”