Pest Control News Roundup 19/10/18

Share:   Giant wasp nest found in loft, buzzing with 20,000 insects This is the moment a “beast” of a wasp nest was found in the loft of a suburban house Newbury, Berkshire, swarming with 20,000 of the stinging insects. Pest controller Shane Jones was called to the family home after a mum was repeatedly stung by … Continue reading “Pest Control News Roundup 19/10/18”

Bird Control and Bird Proofing for the Commercial Sector

Share:   Are you Looking for Bird Control for Your Commercial Sector? Pest control is an ongoing problem for most commercial sectors who haven’t pest-proofed their surroundings. Ensuring your commercial property adheres to simple hygiene routines (such as sealing bins and regularly cleaning the premises) will help deter pests. Birds, however, are slightly harder to deter because … Continue reading “Bird Control and Bird Proofing for the Commercial Sector”

How to Manage Legionella in Schools

Share:   Legionella control is incredibly important for schools and it is a risk management process that must be carefully managed to ensure the health and safety of students. The consequences of not managing legionella in schools can be extremely serious, including significant health risks to students, staff, and members of the general public. Therefore, it is … Continue reading “How to Manage Legionella in Schools”

Bupa Fined £3m Over Legionnaire’s Death 

Share:   The BBC reported that a £1,000-a-week care home was caught amidst a healthcare crisis when a resident contracted a case of Legionnaires disease which ultimately lead to his untimely passing. One of the UK’s leading healthcare bodies Bupa, has consequently been fined £3m from not carrying out adequate legionella risk control.   What is Legionella?  Legionella is a type of bacteria commonly found in water systems which can … Continue reading “Bupa Fined £3m Over Legionnaire’s Death “