The 10 Most Destructive Birds in the World

Share:   Nature can be a cruel, deceptive and destructive force, yet it has blessed us with wondrous mountains, flourishes of trees, exotic animals and beautiful little birds. What would our British mornings be if it weren’t for the delightful chirping of nearby birds? At Ames we offer lots of bird control services, as they can be … Continue reading “The 10 Most Destructive Birds in the World”

How To Get Rid of Pigeons – Solutions to Common Problems

Share:   How To Get Rid of Pigeons – A Bird’s Eye Perspective On Pigeon Control In today’s society, we are currently facing a multitude of distressing problems. The ongoing verbal boxing match between Hillary and Trump, North Korea’s occasional world domination jabs, Britain’s voluntary expulsion from the EU, and obviously Brad and Angelina recently splitting up. … Continue reading “How To Get Rid of Pigeons – Solutions to Common Problems”

‘Bird Free’ Gel Keeps Seagulls Off City Property In Aberdeen

Share:   As the report from the ‘Evening Express’ told its readers, The City Council in Aberdeen has been trialling ‘Bird Free’ gel on the ‘map totems’ in their city centre.  Having coped with a serious seagull problem for many years, the city is no stranger to clean up operations and soiled public buildings and fouled statues. … Continue reading “‘Bird Free’ Gel Keeps Seagulls Off City Property In Aberdeen”

Bird Netting At A45 Tollbar Lagoon

Share:   One of the strangest netting requests we’ve received and one of the most rewarding successes we have had. Watch our video to find out more about when we were recently asked to install bird netting to protect a lagoon by Galliford Try.   Share:   

Customer Service

Share:   If you serve clients through facilities management, design and build, refurbishments, architectural services or contract cleaning then you will no doubt regard quality customer service as being vital to your relationships with clients. At AMES we support all of the types of businesses mentioned above and all of them can be confident that we give … Continue reading “Customer Service”

Health And Safety

Share:   At AMES we take health and safety seriously.  We have always strived to meet the toughest standards so that we can offer a compliant and reliable service. Our staff have all been trained on the safest methods to work in hazardous areas.  We work and deploy equipment carefully, while leaving your premises as clean and … Continue reading “Health And Safety”

Why Choose AMES

Share:   Return on Investment – Bird Proofing Which Saves Time and Money We appreciate that any preventative bird proofing methods employed at your sites need to be productive and save yourself or your clients time and money in the long run. Please watch the video on this page as it demonstrates how we have saved refurbishment … Continue reading “Why Choose AMES”

Effective Bird Control

Share:   Effective Bird Control For Businesses AMES Bird Control have a full range of bird control solutions, with approaches to suit practically any kind of building and location: Bird Netting is great for keeping birds out of large areas and preventing perching. Bird Spikes offer a flexible and comprehensive solution that works well for most buildings. … Continue reading “Effective Bird Control”