Café owners slapped with a fine after inspectors discover rats

Café owners slapped with a fine after inspectors discover rats

rat news roundupStomach-churning images have been released of the rat droppings found at a café in Dudley.

Environment health officers were alerted the unsanitary condition of Anna’s Sandwich Shop on Parsons Street after a customer got in touch to complain about a rat infestation.

It was inspected in February 2018 and forced shut by a court order for 11 days to tackle the pest control issues.

Pictures taken during the assessment show a filthy floor littered with rat droppings.

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Pesticides found to affect bees’ genes

bee news roundupThe activity of dozens of genes are changed in bees exposed to pesticides, providing clues as to how these chemicals affect bee brains in the wild.

The finding could provide clues as to why certain pesticides have been linked to bee colony declines.

Exposure to certain pesticides has previously been shown to affect individual bee and colony behaviours, for example affecting their ability to forage and the development of the colony.

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The world’s largest bee ‘rediscovered’ after 38 years

biggest beeOn a small island in northern Indonesia, a team of researchers have found the world’s largest species of bee.

Wallace’s giant bee (Megachile pluto), which can reach four times the size of a honeybee, was last seen alive by scientists in 1981. But last year, researchers found one specimen in a Dutch museum that was collected in 1991, while two more fresh individuals went up for auction and were sold to private collectors.

Proving that the bees were clearly still alive, these events also revealed a worrying trade in specimens.

This January, a team made up of researchers from Princeton University, the University of Sydney, Central Queensland University, Saint Mary’s University in Canada and local guides set out to locate the insect.

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Hastings hospital’s water free from Legionella bacteria

legionella hastingsSpectrum Health Pennock Hospital is free from any Legionella bacteria in its water system following a positive test in December, hospital officials said.

The discovery of bacteria in the water occurred at about the same time as a 92-year-old died from pneumonia after testing positive for Legionnaire’s disease in late November.

His death could not be directly linked to Legionnaire’s disease.

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