Boa Constrictor Snake Alive And Well In Birmingham Charity Store

Boa Constrictor Snake found in Birmingham storeA Birmingham charity store in Kingstanding recently contacted AMES Pest control for assistance as a member of staff was alarmed to find a snake in the store.

The two foot reptile was identified as a baby Boa Constrictor.

Not For The Faint Hearted

Although a beautiful and healthy specimen, the boa constrictor can be dangerous and prefers to strangle its prey, rather than using venom like many other snakes. Even a snake of this size could have provided a threat to pets and local wildlife.

We liaised with the RSPCA to arrange the removal and rehousing of the snake from the store. No one came forward to report the snake missing at the time, however there are a number of pet shops and reptile stores in the region that may provide one explanation.

If it was an anonymous donation to the store we feel clothing, toys and other popular items make a more welcome contribution than a Boa Constrictor!