Bird Proofing Hotels And Hotel Car Parks

We have noticed an increase in the importance hotel chains and value hotel groups (the household names!) are placing on hotel bird control in general. There is particular emphasis on bird netting at their hotel premises throughout the UK. We have noticed this whilst out on the road and also through our own enquiry levels.

When business visitors and hotel guests use these hotels, particularly in city centre or urban locations, the last thing they want to wake up to is pigeon guano or mess from other airborne pests covering their cars. As the hotel and hospitality trade is all about our comfort and convenience, ensuring car parks are protected by pigeon netting and appropriate use of bird spikes, post and wire and other bird repellents is highly important.

To say having guests leave a hotel with a car covered in mess creates a bad impression is putting it mildly.

In today’s modern world of communications, mobile devices, online reviews and social media it does not take long for word to get round the business community that you may be leaving a hotels car park with more than a good night’s sleep. Pigeon guano (pigeon droppings) can be a health hazard and so can require specialist cleaning to car park areas, walls, ledges, windows and stair wells (fore escapes etc.) prior to the installation of bird nets.

Bird proofing including the installation of pigeon netting appears to be becoming far more necessary and prevalent in courtyard car parks, with the design of the hotel building often built around a quadrangle which acts as a car park for guests’ vehicles.

For more information on specialist pigeon guano cleaning and the installation of bird netting, pigeon deterrents and other bird proofing measures for hotel groups, private rental apartments and other hospitality accommodation please contact AMES head office in Birmingham on 0800 197 1650 or email We are available to bird proof hotels across the UK including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Oxford.