‘Bird Free’ Gel Keeps Seagulls Off City Property In Aberdeen

'Bird Free' Gel ArticleAs the report from the ‘Evening Express’ told its readers, The City Council in Aberdeen has been trialling ‘Bird Free’ gel on the ‘map totems’ in their city centre.  Having coped with a serious seagull problem for many years, the city is no stranger to clean up operations and soiled public buildings and fouled statues.

Aberdeen Inspired who are responsible for the cities map totems decided to try an innovative approach.  Rather that deploying the gel in the trays normally used to cover larger areas, they painted ‘Bird Free’ gel directly onto the totems.  To birds, the gel looks like flames while being unobtrusive to humans. They seem to have made a great choice!

Nathan Farquar director of sign consultants Momentum Wayshowing said: “Aberdeen has a particular challenge with seagulls and as a product it seems to work. When I have been there I have not seen any birds on the signs and we have not heard anyone mention any. I have never seen the gel used anywhere on a sign before, so we are quite excited to see the results and how effective it is.”  The gel is also in use at St Andrews University.

Invented in Korea, the gel is proving very effective across London as well too.  Since its introduction to the UK three years ago, Bird Free is widely used to protect Covent Garden Market and Paddington Station.

The director of Aberdeen Inspired, Craig Stevenson said: “The overarching aim of this project is really to give first time visitors to Aberdeen a positive and safe experience.”

Read more about ‘Bird Free’ gel here.




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