Bird Control Throughout London And UK Wide

Bird Control Services in London have been provided by AMES for a number of years. Councils, SME’s, retail premises, food outlets, schools and colleges, corporate clients and public buildings have all benefitted from AMES bird proofing systems. These include humane bird spikes which prevent birds nesting, and bird netting which is almost entirely invisible to the human eye, and so does not spoil the facade of the building. These humane but highly effective methods prevent pigeons and other pest birds from roosting and nesting. The cost-savings and more pleasant environment this creates for your staff and customers is significant. Savings on building cleaning and maintenance occur as a result of this preventative measure. It also helps prevent a number of hygiene issues.

London Boroughs

AMES are able to provide pigeon netting and bird proofing measures right across the Capital, in North London, South London, East London and West London.

For more information see the bird proofing and pigeon proofing information and online videos on both the home page of this website and also on the Bird Netting & Deterrents, Bird Control and Bird Netting & Pigeon control pages of this website. These can be found under ‘Bird Control’ in the top navigation bar.