Bird Control and Bird Proofing for the Commercial Sector

Are you Looking for Bird Control for Your Commercial Sector?

Pest control is an ongoing problem for most commercial sectors who haven’t pest-proofed their surroundings. Ensuring your commercial property adheres to simple hygiene routines (such as sealing bins and regularly cleaning the premises) will help deter pests.

Birds, however, are slightly harder to deter because they’re able to perch and nest in high up and often hard to reach places. This is why AMES encourages all commercial sectors to invest in bird-proofing systems to help protect their property for damage and hygiene concerns.

AMES have over 25 years’ experience dealing with birds and the troubles they cause in commercial sectors. Bird problems need to be addressed as soon as they’re recognised, as the longer birds are left, they bigger the flock grows and the more difficult it becomes to relocate them.

AMES provides a range of bird prevention methods and techniques designed for the commercial sector. The most common and effective solutions are:

  • Bird Netting
  • Bird Scarers
  • Bird Spikes
  • Bio-acoustic Systems

First, we’ll be looking at the effectiveness of bird netting, how its installed and how it works.

Bird Netting

commercial bird netting

Bird netting is known to have exceptional success rates at deterring birds from nesting within commercial properties. Bird netting works by forming a barrier above areas where birds nest. It essentially stops birds from entering an area, without covering that area up or impacting the design or structure of the building. Bird netting is also designed to be a discrete and non-invasive solution to nests.

AMES’ bird netting is UV-stabilised, meaning they won’t suffer under wear and tear nor will they perish or rot in bad weather. AMES’ bird netting is made from polyethene, making it appropriate to install in all areas and it’s also fire-retardant.

Installation is performed by our pest control specialists using bespoke zip wires. This allows us to reach areas that would otherwise be difficult to enter, such as rooftops and ledges.

Benefits of Bird Netting for Commercial Properties:

  • Exceptional solution for high levels of bird traffic and infestations
  • Highly adaptable; can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • AMES uses the highest-grade fixings to ensure the netting remains intact for the future
  • AMES only employs professional bird netting installers
    Highly effective bird control solution

All bird netting AMES supplies is completely harmless. We provide a humane bird netting service for all commercial properties. If you’d like more advice on our bird netting solutions, please head to our bird netting page.

Bird Spikes

bird spikes at school

Another very popular bird control solution are bird spikes. Bird spikes can be installed almost anywhere on a building, making them an effective bird control solution.

Bird spikes work by being placed in and around areas where birds would usually nest or perch. This stops them from defecating on the properties and potentially causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Bird spikes are particularly effective against pigeons because trapping and relocating can sometimes prove unsuccessful. This is because pigeons have an in-built homing system, and while trapping does work, it will take longer to identify and relocate the authoritative pigeons.

Additionally, our bird spikes are non-invasive and completely humane.

Benefits of Bird Spikes for Commercial Properties:

  • Bird spikes stop birds from perching and nesting on commercial properties
  • Bird spikes for commercial properties are discrete and minimally invasive
  • The base of our bird spikes is poly-carbonate, which is resilient against sun damage and harsh weather
  • AMES’ expertly trained bird control team will be assigned to install the spikes
  • All bird spikes are humane

Bird spikes are one of the most cost-effective bird control solutions on the market. They can be installed anywhere, even if your property has hard-to-reach areas or intricate architecture. Our bird spikes will also help keep your property looking clean and eliminate the need for constant redecoration due to bird droppings.

For more information on our bird spikes, visit our bird spikes page.

Alternative Bird Control

There are some scenarios where you may require alternative bird control solutions, such as trapping and egg or nest removal. While bird spikes and netting are very effective, if the birds have already set up residence within your commercial property, you may need further help before installing spikes and netting.


Trapping is very effective at containing and relocating certain birds away from commercial properties. The only exception to this is pigeons, which are notoriously difficult to relocate due to their homing instinct. However, trapping and relocating pigeons can be done if the right techniques are used. Trapping has the potential to remove up to 70% of a pigeon community and can take up to 18 months to recover.

Trapping and relocating causes disorientation within their social sphere, as it removes dominant birds within the group. AMES’ trapping methods are both discrete and humane.

Benefits of Trapping for Commercial Properties:

  • An on-site survey is carried-out to identify group numbers and size
  • Appropriate trapping locations are identified
  • Bait is used to lure birds into the traps
  • AMES pest experts regularly visit traps to ensure birds are safe and not stressed
  • The trapped birds are removed swiftly and discretely from the premises
  • Trapping levels are monitored throughout

Egg and Nest Removal

If birds have already set-up camp within your commercial property, it can be hard to remove them using netting or spikes. By removing the nest, birds will learn not to return to the site because they will fear for their young’s safety. Reducing the flock size will also deter other birds from nesting within the area. If the flock is too big or aggressive to move alone, AMES will use hawks to drive them out.

For more information on our alternative bird control methods for commercial properties, visit our alternative bird control page here.

For all of the above, careful installation is required for health and safety reasons. If you’d like to install the bird deterrents yourself, we will supply you with the tolls and equipment required. It’s strongly advised that the person installing the apparatus is qualified, otherwise injury or ineffective installation may occur.



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