Bees: Many British Pollinating Insects in Decline, Study Shows

A Third of British Wild Bees and Hoverflies are in Decline, According to a New Study.

bees in dangerIf current trends continue, some species will be lost from Britain altogether, the scientists say.

The study found “winners” and “losers” among hundreds of wild bees and hoverflies, which pollinate food crops and other plants.

Common species are winning out at the expense of rarer ones, with an overall picture of biodiversity being lost.

Scientists warn that the loss of nature could create problems in years to come, including the ability to grow food crops.

The BBC reports the full story.

‘Ninja rat’ Escapes the Jaws of a Rattlesnake by Drop-Kicking it

rat kicking snakeThis amazing footage captured the moment a kangaroo rat escaped the jaws of a rattlesnake – by kicking it away.

Dubbed the ‘ninja rat’ because of its kung fu moves, a team of researchers have shown how the tiny desert rodents frequently foil snakes through their rapid reaction times.

And they managed to capture how the rodents escape from a rattlesnake that strikes at under 100 milliseconds – faster than the blink of an eye.

You can watch the full video here.

Outcry as Residents Claim RATS are Making Their Home Hell Thanks to ‘Rodent Runway’

rats swarmingRATS are said to be infesting a Pitsea residential estate with concerns raised that a new pipe system could be creating a “rodent runway”.

A number of residents have claimed to see evidence of the rodents scurrying around their properties, as well as being able to hear them within the walls – with many stating it has started since sprinkler systems were installed in the Felmores Estate.

For the full story, head over to the Southern Standard.



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