‘Bee Saviour’ Sugar Cards Could Save Starving Insects

‘Bee saviour’ Sugar Cards Could Save Starving Insects

wasp news aprilIf you’ve ever felt a pang of pity for a starving bee struggling on the pavement in front of you, then help may soon be at hand. Or more precisely, in your wallet.

A community development worker has invented a credit card-style reviver for bees containing three sachets of sugar solution, which can be placed beside the insect to feed it.

Dan Harris, 40, is now crowdfunding to produce the “Bee Saviour” cards after the success of his prototype, with community groups and businesses in his local city of Norwich, including the Book Hive bookshop and a local pub, pledging to stock the £4 bee revivers.

Bed Bug Incidents Account for Almost 8% of Animal-Related Insurance Claims, Allianz Reports

bed bug reportsBed bug incidents, such as bites and infestations, account for almost 8% (534) of animal-related claims received by insurers, according to findings in the newly released Allianz Global Risk Dialogue, a review of 470,000 insurance claims over five years by Allianz Global & Specialty (AGCS).

Bed bug bites/infestation were the fifth top cause of animal-related liability claims according to the AGCS study. Only dog incidents (30%), deer incidents (17%) and bird incidents (8%) accounted for more animal-related liability claims, AGCS reported.

For the full report, head over to PCT Online.

Rats the ‘Size of Cats’ Spotted with Small Kids in Playground in Cobh

rats plaguing playground‘Rats the size of cats’ were spotted by a parent with small kids near a Cork playground at the weekend.

The council were notified last week that rats were seen by the Whitepoint playground in Cobh and have been quick to respond to the worrying reports.

One local mother brought her son, 10, and two nieces, aged one and 7 weeks, to the playground on Saturday but had to leave after seeing the rats, Cork Live reports.

Lizzy Coughlan told the Irish Mirror: “I left with the kids(after seeing them), there is rowing boats beside the playground and I saw them there.

“The rats, they were huge, they were like cats.

“They were also beside and running around the big bins where you empty your cans and bottles.

For more on this rat story, head over to the Irish Mirror.

Dead mice left to rot in restaurant and ‘dribbles’ of urine found in dishes

mice infesting restaurantAn Indian restaurant has been shut down after inspectors found dead mice, mouse droppings and ‘dribbles’ of urine in serving dishes. Food safety officials served an immediate notice at Flamingo Bar and Grill, in Belgrave, Leicestershire, as they feared the ‘mouse activity’ created an ‘imminent risk of injury to health.’

While on site, inspectors photographed two dead mice in traps, one near the store room and another in the bar area. Droppings were all over the kitchen and store area, including in containers where open bags of food were stored and near where food is prepared. A white serving dish had a mouse dropping and ‘dribbles’ of urine in it.

Continue reading the full story over at The Metro.



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