Bed Bugs Given An Airing On UK National Television

The BBC has today highlighted the issue of bed bugs as they have infested every state in the USA and even closed down NIKE Town in New York and reached the base of the Empire State Building. As they can travel on our clothes as we fly around the world there is growing concern and media coverage that a wider-scale outbreak could hit the UK. However, the truth is, in the UK we have always had them. There are widespread reports and anecdotal evidence from pest controllers that bed bug numbers are increasing in the UK, particularly in areas where transient people are frequently in and out of the region such as large cities, hotels, shared sleeping quarters (for example for on-call staff), care homes, boarding schools etc.

How to tell if you have bed bugs?

As not everyone reacts to bed bug bites it is necessary to look for other physical signs of infestation. This includes live samples, skins, fetal traces. These are all things that your professional pest control technician can spot for you. Although you should check your home, it is also possible to pick bed bugs up when you stay away from home, so it is worth knowing these signs are worth looking for there too.

Effective Treatment

Professional treatment and follow up checks are required to ensure the bed bugs have been removed effectively. Simply fumigating and ‘closing off’ a room for a while can be ineffective as with no live hosts, the bed bugs can simply hibernate and then return once the room is occupied again. So extremely thorough pest control measures are required. Head boards, hidden crevices and all bedding etc has to be treated thoroughly. Bed bugs have even been found in slippers, other footwear and children’s soft toys.

Bed Bug Prevention

At AMES as well as providing effective bed bug removal we can also provide training to help prevent this from happening. These training sessions are particularly useful for businesses where people are coming and going frequently, such as hotels, bed and breakfasts and other leisure facilities. Having staff trained to help prevent outbreaks or to spot the early signs could enable you to make large savings whilst protecting your occupancy rates.

Anti-Bed Bug Mattress Covers

Our AllerZip anti-bed bug mattress covers completely seal the mattress and provide high quality, durable and effective protection against bed bugs. For more information see this page on anti-bed bug mattress covers and protectors.

AMES have been featured on Sky One television and BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire as experts in the field of effective pest control and environmental services. Call us today so we can advise you on the best solutions in delivering bed bug treatments.