AMES Group Take On the Three Peaks Challenge!

The Three Peaks Challenge is ours to conquer!

We Need Your Help! We’ve Raised Over £5000 and Counting!

Dementia is a cause that is close to our hearts which is why we’re doing our best to raise money to help those who need it most. If you could donate even just one pound it will help!

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AMES Group have partnered up with their friends from Grosvenor Mobility to help raise money and awareness for the Brett Young Gateway – a Dementia Day Service in Halesowen from the 29th of June 2018. Both teams will be tackling the three highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales! Which includes:

  • Ben Nevis
  • Scaffell Pike
  • Snowdon

With a team of 13 committed members from the Black Country and Bromsgrove, they hope to climb each mountain with the goal to raise at least £7,000 for Brett Young Gateway.

However, there’s a small twist!

Both AMES Group and Grosvenor Mobility are not only tackling this challenge head-on, but they’re doing it in Peaky Blinders-themed fancy dress!

Why not make a fun pun out of the three peak challenge, right?

Over just 72 hours, the team will attempt to climb all three mountain, ending with Snowdonia on the Sunday. In total, the team will have conquered a grand total of 26 miles and a giant ascent of 9,800ft -all in a mere three days!

They Have Been Training!

THREE PEAKS CHALLENGEBoth AMES Group and Grosvenor have undergone some intense training to help them prepare for the challenge that lies ahead.

This began with some light walks every week, with the team then increasing the distance and pace after each walk was completed! They have also been mixing up the terrain and locations to help them better prepare for the varying landscapes of each mountain. They’ve tackled everything from Canal Walks to Malvern Hills to help them prepare.

Alan Read (MD of AMES Group) is immensely proud of the work ethic and determination that has gone into this project and firmly believes that they will be able to crush their £7,000 target.

Alan quoted:

“The whole idea started when my friends and I were travelling back from a skiing break. Chris, Leighton and I discussed the prospect of a ‘challenge’.

A specific goal to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s and Dementia was agreed. With our combined business acumen, we decided to form a team who wanted a challenge that would provide a great personal achievement for a worthy cause and have a lot of fun while raising money.

I have personally witnessed how family members battling with Alzheimer’s and Dementia suffer terribly, notably my wife’s Grandparents, it has been so sad to watch the decline of such a strong family and how they continue to be affected. This has been my driving force for the challenge, and for the rest of the team who, when we talked, have all had some experience and empathy towards the cause.

The drive to succeed in raising money has become so powerful, I am so proud of the team that Chris, Leighton and I have built.

Soon, we will conquer the three highest mountains in Britain and raise an incredible amount of money for a fantastic cause… we hope!

three peaks challenge

Brett Young Gateway 

Brett Young Gateway is a dementia day care centre, set up to help people with dementia across the borough to stay at home for longer.  They specialise in giving people the opportunity to take part in engaging and meaningful activities including reminiscence activities, arts and crafts, music, flower arranging, cooking and more!  We wanted to help people in our local area and the Brett Young Gateway impressed us with their innovative approach to ‘person centred’ care and support, tailored and suited to each individuals interests, hobbies and needs.

We Need Your Help!

So, come on, what are you waiting for? The team have already raised a fantastic 41% of their target and we need you to help out with the rest!

Go ahead and visit the Just Giving page here, any contribution, big or small will help this amazing cause.

We might be climbing a mountain, but that’s nothing in comparison to the uphill struggle people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s every day! From the AMES Group and Grosvenor Mobility, thank you for your continued support.

Now, let’s go climb those mountains!



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