AMES Continue To Deliver Optimum Service Levels As Snow Disrupts Waste Collections For Many Businesses And Households

Snow has disrupted the waste collection across the UK, according to many widespread media and online reports. Household collections and businesses clinical, washroom and sanitary waste collections from hotels, bars, food outlets, and franchises, children’s nurseries and offices have all been found to be potentially disrupted, particularly as road grit salt supplies become depleted.

AMES service levels go from strength to strength

AMES efforts to continue serving their clients whilst limiting the disruption caused by the prolonged frozen weather have been buoyed by our wide range of transport options and the investments AMES have made in their communications, vehicle management systems and up to date technologies. In times of disruption on the roads due to snow and ice, good communications and team work prove to be vital, as clients require an environmental services business which continues to provide first class service, whatever the weather.

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