The 10 Most Destructive Birds in the World

Nature can be a cruel, deceptive and destructive force, yet it has blessed us with wondrous mountains, flourishes of trees, exotic animals and beautiful little birds. What would our British mornings be if it weren’t for the delightful chirping of nearby birds? At Ames we offer lots of bird control services, as they can be a pests. We’re a pest control company based in Birmingham and we take our job very seriously indeed.

But, I’m sure many are aware, birds come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the tiniest Robins to the largest of Eagles. In this article however, we’re looking at the power that comes with some of the most primal birds of our time.

Spanning from all corners of the globe, I’ve taken a look at what forms the most dangerous bird and compiled a top 10 list of what I believe they are!

10. Snowy Owl

Snowy OwlAny Harry Potter fans here? Then you must be well acquainted with this bird of prey. Don’t let its cute name fool you, the snow owl is the Earth’s most northerly bird of prey. They breed in the ice-cold depths of the Arctic Circle and can easily survive in the lowest of temperatures (as low as -50 degrees!). This is one bird you don’t want to mess with.

9. The Mute Swan

This is one of the largest waterfowl in the world. Whilst swans may look gracious and peaceful, they are quite the opposite. These birds are extremely territorial and very aggressive.

Unlike other species of swans, the Mute Swan live in ponds, lakes, and other water-abundant areas. Weighing in at around 26lbs and with a wingspan of almost 7ft, it has more than enough brawn to fend of unwanted visitors. It’s so strong that it is infamously known to be able to break children’s arms with ease.

8. Great Northern Loon

There are as many as five types of loons, though my personal pick is Galliformes. They are seen as the most primitive avian species on Earth and date back as far as the early stages of the evolution of birds.

Commonly found near lakes in forest regions, boreal forests and also arctic tundras. They weigh between 8-12lbs and are equipped with razor-sharp pointed bills which they use to attack their prey.

7. The Barred Owl

This owl lurks in the swamps of South America . The Barred Owl is medium-sized, weighing between 2.5-3lbs and generally attack prey such as mice, insects and sometimes even smaller birds. They very swiftly target their prey, and more often than not, their prey never hear them coming due to their specialised feathers.

It has been reported that hikers that travel across the Pacific Northwest are often attacked by these owls.

6. Lammergeier

Destructive birdThe name derives from the German term: ‘lamb vulture.’ These vultures are known to feed on lambs when they are ill or dying and are most likely to target almost any prey by dive-bombing from great heights.

Lammergeier enjoy soft marrow, so when other predators are finished with a carcass, these birds will strip the bones out and drop them from a great height in order to shatter the bones and eat the marrow inside.

Tortoises are the most viable bone substituent for these birds. Legend has is that the playwright Aeschylus was killed by a tortoise that fell from the sky. It’s believed that a Lammergeier was the cause of this.

5. Falcon

Falcons have incredibly sharp talons, more so than hawks. Similar to hawks, falcons do not like humans as they pose a threat to their territory, they are known to attempt to remove them from their territory by any means necessary.

They are incredibly protective over their nest and will attack almost anything in order to protect it.

4. Red-tailed Hawk

Hawks have the sharpest eyesight in the animal kingdom and are considered as one of the most intelligent animals in the world. The Red-tailed Hawk is one of the largest birds in North America, ranging between 3-4.5 pounds and it has around a 5ft wingspan.

It nests on trees in open areas and defends it fiercely. Whilst flying it tracks its prey by swooping swiftly and speedily.

3. European Herring Gull (Seagull)

Yes, seagulls have made the list purely due to the fact that they are a public annoyance. They are fairly muscular birds and pose a dangerous threat to small children, especially if they’re carrying food.

Commandeering urban areas, seagulls are always present and looking for the chance to relinquish humans of their food.

2. African Ostrich

This is the largest bird on the Earth and the last remaining ostrich species in the world after the Arabian Ostrich went extinct. Whilst it may look comical and have an incredibly small brain, these are very vicious birds. Standing 7ft tall, weighing 240lbs and being able to run at approximately 45mph this is not a bird you want to anger.

Their strong neck muscles are more than capable enough to kill a human in a matter of seconds.

  1. Southern Cassowary

This is the most dangerous bird in the world.

Dwelling within the rainforests of New Guinea and Northwestern Australia. It is a member of the ratite family, dressed in a shining blue and black plumage, equipped with a rock-hard head-plate, weighing more than 130lbs and standing above 6ft tall, this is an incredibly powerful bird.

They also have the strongest kick force amongst animals and their claws are incredibly sharp, particularly the middle claw as it’s 5 inches long.

In 2007, the bird was declared the most dangerous bird on Earth by the Guinness Book of World Records.



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