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bird-control-messPigeon Droppings are not only unsightly; their acid content can eat into soft stone and cause long term damage to buildings. Their droppings and feathers also block gutters and rainwater pipes causing damage. With out professional bird control their droppings can lead to severe hazards on pavements and floors, especially for the elderly and can carry pathogenic organisms.

Pigeons are also a source of allergens, which can cause respiratory ailments like pigeon fancier’s lung and allergic skin reactions. There is potential for illnesses to spread to humans through contact with pigeon droppings, parasites or feathers.

Dead infected pigeons can also affect food or water sources. Sea Gull Control Sea gulls are now prevalent in residential and commercial areas throughout the UK including inland regions. Recent research and media reports have even suggested their numbers inland may be partly due to them mistaking motorway and road networks for rivers.

They can be destructive and disruptive to businesses, creating a mess and damage in public areas, to street furniture, roofing and building structures. Their presence can be a nuisance to customers and residents. AMES are able to offer effective, guaranteed solutions to help protect your building.

How to get rid of pigeons and bird problems

AMES can guarantee success using our long-term, cost effective deterrents to prevent pigeons from nesting and roosting on your property. Our expertise and this unique guarantee of success may help you avoid the disappointment that can come with using a non-specialist pest control company. We supply and fit deterrents to prevent seagulls and pigeons nesting or roosting on your property.

Humane Bird Control

The birds are not harmed when we solve your bird or pigeon problems. We just persuade them to find somewhere more comfortable. Pigeon deterrent spikes used by AMES, for example, are recommended by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) and PICAS (The Pigeon Control Advisory Service).

For more detailed information on our methods please see our pages on ‘Bird Spikes & Pigeon Control’ and Bird Netting & Deterrents.

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