Bird Control – Highways Agencies, Fly-overs & Motorway Bridges

flyover bird spikesWe have bird proofed a number of sections of British roads and highways.  Bridges and flyovers are particularly susceptible to birds, often pigeons, roosting high up on lips in the bridge or flyover construction.

Bird Control & Deterrents On Roads Are Important Due To:

  • Potential distractions to drivers due to movement in peripheral vision caused by large numbers of birds roosting
  • Dangers presented by drivers swerving to avoid droppings from height
  • Vision of drivers affected by guano or nesting falling onto cars from roosting areas of bridges
  • Airborne spores present in bird droppings producing health hazard to broken down motorists, highway agencies personnel, maintenance workers and emergency services
  • Corrosive nature of bird and pigeon guano

Removal of bird droppings from rail bridges and the application of bird spikes is also feasible.  This type of work involves careful planning in collaboration with rail operators and considerable health and safety planning.

Why Bird Control Is Important For Road Users & Maintenance

Roosting birds, frequently pigeons, represent a health hazard to members of the public or maintenance workers.  Large build ups of bird guano or droppings can lead to the presence of fungal diseases.  Airborne fungus spores, such as those present in Histoplasmosis have been found to be present in pigeons and starlings droppings.  The droppings act as a nutrient in the soil below roosting nests, where the organism can develop.  Maintenance work and excavation can disturb spores which can lead to their inhalation or they can be carried by winds long distances once airborne.

Bats can also carry the disease and they have been known to become infected, unlike birds.  They then excrete the organism in their droppings.  Bridge inspectors and construction workers have been identified as people who engage in work activities more likely to bring them into contact with potentially harmful airborne spores.

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