Emergency Services


Bird Control For Police Stations, Fire Stations & Ambulance Depots

Emergency service sites need to be kept clean, clear and free of any contaminates. This ensures sites can be used quickly and safely.

Effective bird control helps keeps sites with clinical connotations such as ambulance depots and care of the elderly transport sites clean and free of contaminants that could otherwise be transferred to vehicles which need to be clinically clean.

Police stations and fire crews have a much more pleasant workplace when pigeon netting, spikes and other effective bird control measures are implemented on the external façade, parking areas and internal areas prone to birds where vehicle shutters etc. are in operation.

It is also important that a clean and professional image is presented to the public.

Cost savings are achieved through keeping police and fire fighters vehicles clean and free of the 15 kilos of droppings every pigeon can produce in a year.

Hospitals also have a clear need to remain clean and contaminant free.

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