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collegesEffective Protection For Your Buildings

All aspects of your school, college or university buildings’ façade are considered when we plan your bird deterrents. This includes the appropriate use of netting, deterrents around entrances, ledges and windows.

We have specialist knowledge of fixing bird spikes above pipework (whilst retaining access to the pipes for cleaning and maintenance) and can install measures to stop birds roosting on leading edges of guttering.

Our bird spikes are made of high quality materials which do not lose their integrity even when exposed to extreme temperatures. They have a long life expectancy with 10 year warranties.

We often use four rows of spikes with which cover all directions, preventing birds from landing regardless of their angle of approach.

Total Coverage

Any surface can be protected – including brickwork, glass, timber, lead, concrete, steel and plastic.

Durable, steel spikes can also harmlessly deter birds from landing on ledges. Extra wide or narrow ledge strips can be installed so no area susceptible to bird problems goes unprotected.

We can also fit deterrents directly onto angled ridge tiles.

Solar Panel Protection

solar cellsIf your school or college roof has solar panels then panel bird proofing spikes can be fitted onto the roof tiles or surface, rather than onto the solar panels themselves.

This way the solar panels are not damaged or hindered in their performance whilst birds such as pigeons or starlings are still deterred from getting under the panels themselves.

Angling the spikes at the optimum angle to prevent access for the birds makes it possible to maintain optimal efficiency without exposing the solar panels to landing birds.

The long term benefit to your educational establishment is that birds are prevented from nesting, which in turn reduces the physical mess, nuisance, potential damage, noise and hygiene issues associated with nesting birds.

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