Cleaning Bird Droppings and Pigeon Faeces

guano covered lamp - cleaning bird droppingsWhen it comes to cleaning bird droppings is extremely important it’s done well as pigeon faeces or ‘poop’ can cause disease and be harmful to your health. Prior to building solutions to stop on-going problems with pigeons and other nuisance birds, our environmental services team can carry out intensive cleaning of bird droppings or pigeon guano.

Pigeon droppings have been linked to various health and safety issues including airborne fungus spores found in starling and pigeon droppings.  They can also have a corrosive effect on buildings architecture, stonework and monuments.

Stairwells and courtyards can also suffer from large build ups of pigeon guano, feathers and sometimes deceased birds.  Light fixtures and strip lighting, cctv mountings, balconies, ledges, sports stadia and other high levels can require specialist cleaning.

As the pictures show, we can access, clean and protect your property from bird mess in practically any location.  We have the equipment and experience to offer a thorough and comprehensive service.

lamp cleaned of bird droppings to a shine with new bird control measuresComprehensive cleaning and maintenance of the area help to eliminate slipping and respiratory risks, ensuring any future bird proofing is effective and helps to maintain the cleanliness of the area or building.

We can also put in place a proactive cleaning regime to ensure bird droppings do not hinder refurbishments and renovations on roofing, guttering and building projects.

We are delighted to work with roofing companies, design and build organisations, facilities managers, architects, contract cleaning companies and renovation businesses.

Our pigeon guano cleaning service is often combined with proactive bird proofing installations such as bird netting or pigeon spikes.

All birds if not kept under control can provide a hazardous environment to your health. We offer a wide range of services for bird control such as:

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