Bird Spikes & Pigeon Deterrents


Ames Group offer the supply and installation of bird spikes to prevent unwanted bird infestations. There are a number of ‘bird scarer’ and bird repellent products on the market including those that emit ultra-sonic sound. Other solutions including pigeon traps do not necessarily resolve ongoing problems, as the simple physical act of pigeon removal will not necessarily make the problem go away. In fact it may simply cause unnecessary distress to animals, particularly if used by untrained individuals.

Bird spikes on the other hand are a humane and effective way to deter bird such as pigeons. There are lots of ways to get rid of pigeons, but we find pigeon spike to be one of the more successful.

Benefits Of Bird Spikes Or Bird Points

  • Prevents birds from roosting on exposed ledges, sills, steel beams, etc
  • An effective & discreet solution
  • A humane method which gently pushes the birds off balance and forces them to alight elsewhere
  • Polycarbonate base which is not affected by sunlight or the elements
  • Points are BS 316 marine grade or BS 302 stainless steel – they do not physically harm the birds, just prevent them roosting
  • All personnel trained in working at height and mobile access (IPAF, IRATA and CSCS qualified)

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Bird spikes are a versatile solution, which can be fitted to any part of your premises where birds are likely to settle.

pigeon spikesAMES pigeon spikes are the industry standard bird repellent, enabling you to protect your property without harming the birds.

This solution simply persuades the birds to settle elsewhere. Our pest control technicians will fit bird spikes securely on window ledges and other roosting and nesting areas creating a long-term, cost effective solution.

You may also wish to consider bird netting as an alternative or as an integrated solution alongside pigeon spikes.

In addition to creating a long-term solution to your pigeon or seagull problems we also clean pigeon droppings, feathers and pigeon foul from all aspects of your properties.

Specialist Cleaning Service

We are experienced in the successful and careful cleaning of soft stone and listed buildings, and we can carry out specialist pressure water jet cleaning and chemical cleaning to building exteriors and facades, walkways and communal areas, roofs, guttering, street furniture and paved areas.

bird spikesOur effective graffiti removal and prevention also makes AMES an ideal partner in the provision of environmental services to councils, housing associations, property management companies and commercial letting agents.

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Which AMES can help protect your business and property from birds including pigeons and seagulls please contact us on 0800 197 1650 or email us using our contact form.



  • Base – UV protected polycarbonate
  • Points – BS 316 marine grade stainless steel or BS 302 stainless steel, as required
  • High tack neutral silicone adhesive used to install the Bird Point
  • Five year guarantee

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Bird/ Pigeon Spikes

bird spikes installed on bell towerBy having bird spike installation carried out at your premises you deter pigeons, gulls and other birds from settling at your premises.  They can be applied to ledges and ridges on the exterior of buildings and window sills.  Rooflines, eaves, aerials, lamp posts and hanging strip lights, awnings, canopies and balcony ledges can all be protected through the installation of bird spikes.  Highways and motorway lighting, bridges and flyovers can also be covered with this type of bird deterrent.

The birds cannot land on the surface which is covered in spikes, leading them to move on to other locations.

Interior areas can also have bird spikes fitted to help get rid of pigeons.  A great deal of development and research has gone into ensuring the bird spikes we use are fit for purpose.  The base of the bird points are made out of UV protected polycarbonate, with points made of stainless steel.

Our professional pest control technicians will recommend spikes of an optimum length and size of strips to give you the desired effect.  We will be delighted to carry out a free site visit. You can also upload photographs showing the area of your building where you are experiencing problems with birds so we can quote for you.

If you wish to fit your own then we can provide strips of spikes for you, however, we would only recommend experienced installers undertake this work.

cherry pickerUnfortunately those that attempt to install their own bird deterrents sometimes lose large amounts of time and spend money without getting to the root of the problem.  They can also take unnecessary risks at height.

As experienced bird control specialists we are able to advise on the most effective ways of getting rid of your bird problem.

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