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bird nettingBird netting, or anti-bird netting, is an excellent form of bird control. It provides a virtually invisible barrier, deterring problem birds and not allowing them to nest, perch, or pass through or around.

This is a popular option as it is a harmless deterrent which encourages the bird population to relocate to another location. AMES Group is an accredited member of the NPTA and only uses human netting systems against birds.

Whether you require overhead bird netting for a commercial setting (cafes, restaurants etc) or bird netting for your garden (bird netting for berries or fruit trees our anti-bird netting suppliers cater to all issues.

Professional Bird Proofing Installation

bird-netting-on-sandstoneCareful, professional installation is recommended as this eradicates the chance of any costly mistakes during fitting, particularly if access equipment is being used. When fitted correctly the netting can be made to be almost invisible, preserving the look and professional image of your building and organisation.

AMES fully trained pest control technicians and installation experts are able to design and install a netting solution to protect all types of building and equipment, no matter how challenging.

When installed professionally, a bird proofing net like a pigeon net can last for many years. All work carried out is in accordance with the working at height directive and all health and safety implications are considered carefully, with risk assessments and method statements provided where appropriate.

The latest equipment and safety clothing is used by our fully trained and experienced installation technicians. AMES have carried out bird proofing work in most UK cities including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham, Oxford and Worcester.

Why is Bird Control Important?

Why is Bird Control Important?

bird netting coverageEnsuring your property is safe from the threat of birds is important for a number of reasons. First, bird droppings are unsightly but can cause severe damage to your property. Pigeon droppings in particular are known eating into soft stone and can cause long-term damage to buildings if they aren’t cleaned professionally.

Bird feathers and droppings can also cause blockages to drainways and gutters, leading to flooding issues and sometimes severe hygiene threats. They can also lead to severe hazards on pavements and floors, especially for the elderly and can carry pathogenic organisms.

Pigeons are also a source of allergens, which can cause respiratory ailments like pigeon fancier’s lung and allergic skin reactions. There is potential for illnesses to spread to humans through contact with pigeon droppings, parasites or feathers.

They can be destructive and disruptive to businesses, creating a mess and damage in public areas, to street furniture, roofing and building structures. Their presence can be a nuisance to customers and residents. AMES are able to offer effective, guaranteed solutions to help protect your building.

Reasons to Install Bird Netting

Reasons to Install Bird Netting

Bird netting is one of the most effective ways of preventing pigeons and other birds from roosting, accessing rafters and also creating mess in courtyards, car parks and on building ledges and façades.

With the ability to deny birds access to specific areas or practically a whole building, netting is a flexible and cost-effective way to protect your buildings.

By creating a discreet and almost invisible barrier stopping seagulls, pigeons and other types of birds from settling on or inside buildings, they are encouraged to move on.

The Different Uses for Bird Netting

The Different Uses for Bird Netting

We can also advise you on the most appropriate type of netting and mesh size for your location and to ensure the aesthetics and integrity of the building you wish to protect is maintained.

You may require:

  • Bird netting for balconies
  • Bird netting for fruit and vegetable gardens
  • Bird netting for solar panels
  • Heavy duty bird netting for large problem birds
  • And bird aviary netting (for keeping birds in and out of certain areas)

Whatever your reason for installing bird netting, our team of accredited professionals are here to deter the threat of birds from your home or commercial property.

Additional Benefits of Bird Netting

Additional Benefits of Bird Netting

  • The nets we install are virtually invisible
  • UV stabilised so they will not rot
  • Protective netting made from polyethene is appropriate for most applications
  • Fire retardant netting can be installed
  • Access zips allow easy access to gain entry to rooftops, air conditioning or heating equipment, air handling machinery and to enable maintenance work
  • Birds are unharmed.

Installing Your Own Bird-Friendly Netting

Installing Your Own Bird-Friendly Netting

If you have already decided to install your own bird netting or bird wire netting and require additional guidance or equipment, then please contact us on 0330 404 3379.

We can supply all types of equipment to enhance or complete your netting system, including high quality netting, garden bird netting frames, tensioned wire, cross wires and fixing rings. We provide assistance for any setting, whether it’s for a large commercial property, or you need tools to help assemble netting to protect plants from birds.

Alternatively call us or email us using our contact form so we can arrange a site-survey to assess your needs and nature of bird pest control best suited to your requirements.

AMES provides bird netting netting and deterrent services across the UK. For bird wire netting prices, please contact our friendly team today.

Supply & Installation Of Bird Netting

Supply & Installation Of Bird Netting

Our professional bird netting installers are fully qualified to work at height, installing this humane and highly effective solution. Our experts know the correct size of netting to prevent pigeons and other birds gaining access to your buildings ledges, window frames and sills and façade features.

Where Do We Use Bird Netting?

Where Do We Use Bird Netting?

Bird netting is highly effective as a deterrent at high levels. It also helps create a more pleasant environment for customers, staff and visitors in open walkways and courtyards, customer car parks and entrances to shopping centres.

We often combine nets with bird spikes or post and wire systems to provide a complete bird proofing solution. Outbuildings, aircraft hangers, religious buildings, historical buildings, museums and halls can also find these installations highly beneficial.

Experienced and Accredited Bird Netting Contractors

birdsAMES have carried out bird proofing work for Worcester City Council, Sandwell Homes, West Midlands Police, Birmingham City Council, County Highways and British Waterways.

Helping Create Great Environments For Your Clients

We work for end-users and also for facilities management companies, site managers and contract cleaning companies. We provide a range of flexible bird netting services to help deter problem birds from your property. If you have already installed bird netting but require further assistance or additional tools, we can provide assistance.

We also provide alternative bird deterrent services, including netting kits, bird spikes, large bird wire, hawk solutions, humane trapping measures and egg and nest removal. Our bird control products are in accordance with NPTA guidelines, ensuring we only carry out humane bird control solutions.

For more information on our bird netting solutions and other pest bird products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

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