Bio-Acoustic Systems

Ames Group offer Bio-Acoustic Systems as a humane way to control birds.

Bio-Acoustic humane bird dispersal technology was originally developed to prevent bird-strikes at airports and strips.  Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic bird deterrents use loudspeakers with a variety of distress calls for various species played to trigger the flight reflex of nuisance birds.  This equipment and approach may be used to rapidly displace large volumes of birds as required, or at frequent intervals to train birds permanently away from certain areas.  The equipment may be used in a stationary installation or mobile bird-control unit.

Approved and used by civil and military airports and aviation across the world, Scarecrow bird dispersal products are at the cutting edge of large-scale, humane, bird-control equipment.

Increasingly, this unobtrusive and green approach to dispersing nuisance birds, is being used in new settings such as large rural facilities and civic and commercial buildings in towns and cities. Shopping malls, large-corporate premises, transport-stations, energy facilities, marinas and more can benefit from the Bio-Acoustic Bird Dispersal system.

AMES supply, install and maintain bio-acoustic systems and can advise whether your problem is with pigeons, seagulls, crows, magpies, rooks, starlings or other bird species.


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