AMES Water Treatment Chemicals

AMES can provide and apply water treatment chemicals for a variety of applications in any location across the UK.  These include the chemical treatments for boiler and steam systems, cooling towers, condenser, compressors and heat exchangers.

Specialist recommendations can be made to maximise the efficiency of process water systems and those which are put to industrial use.

Problems which can arise including the presence of corrosion, scale and suspended waste can be resolved and pre-emptied by our experienced consultants.

Some of the types of chemicals we can supply and apply are noted below. Greater detail, pricing information and MSDS sheets can be obtained by emailing

water treatment chemicals

Boiler Water Treatment

Maintaining correct pH Levels: Sodium hydroxide based products can be provided to act as a PH adjuster in boiler water treatment. We can consult with you to determine actual dosage levels required.

Magnetite produced during initial corrosion acts as a protective layer (magnelite film) which protects against further contact with the steel or water surface. In order to retain this protective magnelite layer an appropriate pH level should be maintained. We can test for this level and advise and carry out action where required to restore appropriate pH levels.

Mild steel rapidly becomes corroded by water in the event of protective layers becoming compromised. Acid, caustic in water or dissolved oxygen can also lead to waterside corrosion in boilers. Pitting or the resulting brittle tube metal can ultimately lead to failure. Corrosion can be increased by high temperatures which occur during operation, making the regular testing of boilers and their water extremely important.

limescale on boiler element

Scale Inhibitors
Hardness salts cause scale inside a boiler. Localised overheating can result if they are not dealt with regularly. Tube failure can occur where scale is present which creates an explosion risk. The boilers ability to transfer heat is also compromised. This results in reduced efficiency and greater business energy costs. As well as treating the water inside the boiler, we can also consult on processes and equipment to help prevent hardness salts entering the system.

Phosphate and polymer treatments act as an inhibitor and control agent for suspended solids. Examples of positive effects these chemicals can have include the carriage of iron, phosphate, silica, calcium and magnesium safely through the boiler system – preventing the build up of scale to metal surfaces in the system.

We can advise on effective dosage rates and carry out chemical treatment to boiler water where required, including regular water maintenance contracts.

Preventing the build up of scale in industrial boilers can extend the life of the system, reduce the need for further maintenance and eliminate unnecessary repair costs. The resulting efficiency can also improve your energy costs. Those operating in hard water areas can be advised on measures to prevent additional expense.

Cooling Water Treatments
Antiscalant and anti-foulant can be supplied and applied appropriately for your organisations cooling water system.

The formation of scale and fouling can be inhibited. Chemical solutions can be provided to act against carbonate and sulphate deposition and clay, mud and silt can be dispersed.

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