Legionella Testing – C.O.D & B.O.D Water Quality Assessment

Legionella  can cause infections that lead to Legionnaires’ Disease, which is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia and typically affects men more than women. If you run a commercial business it is vital that you have a legionella control strategy in places and Ames Group offer legionella testing to ensure the prevention of any contamination that may be in your water. We offer C.O.D and B.O.D water quality testing to ensure your water meets the required standards.

AMES Group offer a range of water sampling and legionella testing services. As well as our legionella risk assessments, treatments and control plans, we also offer C.O.D & B.O.D testing.

This service may be particularly useful to waste water treatment works and environmental groups as well as other interested parties. We can organise B.O.D (Biological oxygen demand) and C.O.D (Chemical oxygen demand) water-sample tests and reporting for your business on an Ad-Hoc or routine basis.

AMES water sampling services can assess water quality and discharges from waste water treatment works. If compliance with EC Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive is relevant to you, trust AMES professional and accurate service. We can help you to ensure that your water consistently meets the required standard.

legionella testing

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