Garden Clearance And Land Clearance


If you have structures in your garden that you would like to remove, we can carry out an effective and safe demolition of your outbuilding and removal of any rubble and debris created. Walls and wooden or concrete structures which are no longer required can be removed and disposed of in an expert fashion, leaving your space tidy and without undue mess and disruption.

Rubbish Disposal

As part of the AMES garden clearance service, rubbish, fly-tipping waste, unwanted garden furniture and junk may also be removed. As well as being unsightly, unwanted garden contents make it difficult to tidy up and present your property at its best. Commercial and residential landlords can also make use of this service.
AMES have a strong team of land clearance and garden clearance operatives who specialise in the removal of unwanted materials from your grounds or gardens.

Hazardous Waste / Environmental Pollutants

wasteAMES take environmental responsibility very seriously. Frequently void clearance or garden clearance work involves hazardous materials such as sharps, needles, broken glass, torn metal, asbestos and fragile pressurised devices such as old fire extinguishers and aerosols.

Great care is taken to remove these items in order to avoid further damage to property, injury to staff or leaving behind dangerous fragments. Where these items can be recycled, they are segregated prior to disposal and taken to be reused by the relevant services.

Environmental pollutants such as solvents, paints, household chemicals and fuels are also carefully transported and disposed of to prevent leakage and spoilage of the clearance property or the environment beyond. Proper disposal or recycling help AMES and our clients to meet environmental goals and commitments to local health and safety.

Removal Of Vegetation And Hazardous Growth

Excessive vegetative overgrowth, unwanted trees,tree stumps, stubborn vegetation and organic waste can also be reduced and removed from your premises quickly and simply. Even better, we’ll dispose of the cleared materials responsibly and make sure that anything that can be recycled, will be. We put nothing into landfill that is better recycled and reused.

Junk removed from gardens and void clearances by AMES
AMES exessive growth in your grounds removed
Premises left clean and tidy by AMES garden clearance crews
AMES Garden Clearance leaving premises clean, tidy and capable of rehabitation

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