Clinical & Medical Waste Disposal & Management

Sharps BinsAMES medical waste management and disposal service is available throughout the UK.

These services include needle collection, safe handling and disposal of sharps containers contents, biomedical waste and general clinical and offensive waste disposal.

All of our systems for hospitals, nursing homes, children’s nurseries, clinics, dental surgeries and veterinary surgeries are designed to be completely transparent.

Waste handling, from collection through to disposal, is fully traceable and only handled by reputable and relevantly qualified waste handling professionals with a strict code of conduct.

Only registered waste handlers come into contact with the medical or offensive waste throughout the course of the service.

Offensive Waste

AMES is experienced in the safe handling of offensive waste. We can operate weekly, fortnightly or monthly collections to suit your needs. A range of medical bins are available depending on the nature of your waste collection requirements.

Other premises benefiting from AMES clinical, medical and baby waste collection and disposal include:

  • Medical waste removal by AMESClinics, Health Centres & Surgeries
  • Leisure Facilities
  • Medical Facilities & Hospitals
  • Play Schools
  • Nursing & Residential Care Homes

Standard bins, fire retardant bins and anti-bacterial sack holders can all be supplied.

Health & Safety

Clinical waste removal by AMESAt AMES we constantly review our environmental policy and keep abreast of all technology in terms of recycling and diverting waste from landfill wherever possible. Please contact us or continue to check our news sections for the latest information regarding this.

Of course health and safety and secure medical waste removal are of paramount importance. Sharps disposal and all transportation of biomedical waste are handled with the transparency, care and attention you would expect from a professional medical waste disposal company. Full audits on the handling, passage and disposal of clinical waste are available.

Medical waste containers, waste bins and sharps containers are designed to protect your nursery, clinic or hospital staff. This allows them to dispose of waste without unnecessary contact, or re-contact with the clinical waste. They are also securely made to protect patients or visitors to the area from having any accidental contact with medical or offensive waste.

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